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7-month-old baby health & growth guide

7-month-old baby health & growth guide


7-month-old baby nutrition


How are solids going? Between now and when your child turns 18 months is a window of opportunity when it comes to trying new tastes and textures. Now’s the time where you’ll want to introduce a wide variety of foods, including vegetables, fruit, grains and proteins, and you can start to get creative with combinations and mash-ups. Just watch out for added salt and sugar—more on that below—and stay away from anything too hard or small and round (potential choking hazards). 

As your 7-month-old baby’s feeding schedule starts to center more around family meal times, you can start to stretch out breast milk and formula feedings more too, though milk should still be your 7-month-old baby’s primary source of nutrition and calories. 


Sippy cup with Continuous Flow


Babies aren’t exactly known for their patience, so a frustration-free sippy cup is key. This innovative design from features a weighted straw that keeps liquid flowing even if they’re trying to drink while laying down and a two-way valve to keep it from leaking when they’re not. On the go? No problem. A convenient flip-top lid hides the straw away to keep it clean when you stash it in your diaper bag.

-  Jessica D'Argenio Waller, MS, CNS, LDN 


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