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fill + freeze 3 pack

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prep, store and serve: Prep in bulk and easily fill, label, stack and freeze your homemade baby food. Each bowl is divided into two portions to support weaning baby from 4+ months. Each pack contains three bowls, offering six total portions so you can play with flavors and increase servings to suit baby’s growing appetite.

smart design: Fill directly from your saucepan, blender, or spoon. The clear lid lets you see what’s inside and can be labeled with a pencil or marker. Bowls clip and stack together to store in the fridge or freezer. Detachable, hinged flip lid keeps food securely sealed when on-the-go. 

easy to use and clean: When baby is ready to eat, simply defrost or place fill + freeze bowls in the microwave to warm. Feed directly from bowls or pop portions out of the flexible silicone. Perfect for use with the fill + feed. Once done, the fill + freeze can be cleaned in the dishwasher!