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our holiday edit: simplify your life this holiday season with the 4-gift rule

our holiday edit: simplify your life this holiday season with the 4-gift rule


holiday season gift giving

With only 6 weeks to go, the countdown to the holidays is officially on! Whether the thought has you jumpin’ for holiday joy or slowly bringing out your resting ‘grinch face’, one thing we know for sure is, it’s time: to start planning what presents you’re going to buy for the entire family.

Ok, we get it. holidays with a young family can quickly get out of control! Take it from us Moms who regularly trawl our tantrum-driven kids through the aisles of Target, Walmart, or buy buy Baby: these days our little darlings want everything under the sun both online and offline: including games, gadgets, toys, dolls, clothes, and sports equipment. In fact, it’s estimated that Americans expect to spend an average of $997.73 on Holiday gifts and items this year alone. *

Ho, ho, ho! With these kind of stats, we all know that too many holiday presents can also lead to other heightened emotions - like our kids feeling over-whelmed with excess; without the chance to truly appreciate each gift: with the true meaning of giving and value of receiving.

Sound familiar? We’ve got your solution, Mamma. Enter the 4-gift rule - a brand new approach to simplifying gifting: encouraging mindful giving and a dash of good ol’ fashioned gratitude during the holiday season. This system is a winner, and for good reason … it works!

But if you’ve never even heard of it; or just haven’t yet taken the step to implement it – now’s the time people!


how it works


The 4-gift rule limits the number of gifts you buy your precious kids to four - one from each of the following categories: (and it rhymes too!)

- something they want

- something they need

- something to wear

- something to read


something they want


Time to tackle their want list? This is your chance! But beware - with some restraint … you’re meant to choose only 1 item! Be it a doll house, remote control car, video game, Bluetooth headphones, or Karaoke machine - this gift is purely about your kid’s special interests and what is likely to delight them the most when opening up their gifts!



something they need


With today’s busy and varied lifestyle, kids always want the world – but what they need? Is a whole different story! Think some equipment for their sport activities, a backpack, a lunchbox or even a drink bottle for the new school year. Think outside the box and add in a pack of festive candy, art supplies, or cute stationery, and just like that: functional can turn into something sweet and fun!


something to wear


With the holidays come a new season, so this is your chance to sort the kids out with some cool new threads! Depending on where you call home, this might be a new swimsuit or snowsuit. Or something that every kid needs at the beginning of a new year, regardless of where you live – like new sneakers!


something to read


In the infamous words of Dr Seuss, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go!” Folks love to encourage reading so take this opportunity to gift a novel, a magazine subscription (a gift that ‘keeps on giving’ throughout the year), a recipe book or even a gift voucher - to support a local bookstore.


why the 4-gift rule works?


The 4-gift rule works well because choosing 4 gifts lets you be more intentional and mindful: by really considering what your kids want and need. It eliminates excessive gifts and encourages sustainable ones. And … it can help you start meaningful conversations with your kids about appreciation and gratitude: with the idea that sometimes less is more. Not to mention the bonus of simplified shopping and savings for your entire household!


give it a go


Remember that with lockdowns, home-schooling and more time spent at home last year than ever - kids have probably received more than their usual share of toys to pass their days. So, if like me, the thought of more stuff is starting to stress you out - then the 4-gift rule is definitely worth considering, don’t ya think?


So, get started today with Holiday gifts your kids need – and pretty soon, you’ll be sleigh ‘in it in no time!

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