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four different colored 360 cups against a pink background

what is a 360 cup? how they work + how you should use them

Your mom friends are raving about the 360 cup, and it’s all over your Instagram feed—so, what is it? And how is it different from a sippy cup? 

Quick Answer: A 360 cup is a lip-activated cup with a 360-degree rim designed to help infants and young toddlers learn to drink from an open cup (without the mess).

 It looks and works like this:

We’re here to answer all your questions about this leakproof toddler cup so you can decide if it’s right for your child. Read straight through or jump to what you need the most:

how do 360 cups work?

Sometime within the first two years of your child’s life, they’ll learn how to drink from an open cup. Of course, it’s fun to watch your child learn something new—but it can also be messy

The 360 cup eliminates this mess by placing a silicone lid on what would otherwise be an open cup. When your child places their lips anywhere on the lid, the beverage in their cup (probably water or milk) begins to flow. 

a little boy drinks from a 360 cup while looking at the camera

Check out Haize with his 360 cup! Credit: @three_little_bears

The flow of the beverage is controlled by how much pressure your child places on the cup. More pressure? More flow. Less pressure? Less flow. No pressure? No flow. This means if they knock the drink off their high chair or shake it upside down, there’s little to no mess. 

a little boy turns his 360 cup upside down

Upside down cup? No problem! Credit: @three_little_bears

Taking the cup on the go? If you’re using the for kids 360 cup, you can twist the handles up to “lock and seal” the lid. No need to worry about spilled milk in your diaper bag or stroller!

is a 360 cup just a sippy cup?

A 360 cup and a sippy cup serve a similar purpose: to help your child transition from a bottle to a “big kid cup” (i.e., an open cup or cup with a straw). But—with its silicone lid—the 360 cup offers an alternative to the sippy cup’s traditional spout or straw lid. 

What works best for one family won’t necessarily be the best option for another. For parents who are hoping to make a quicker transition to an open cup, a 360 cup might help that process.

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  • how do you use a 360 cup?

    Using the 360 cup is simple: 

    • Place water or milk in the cup 
    • Screw the lid on 
    • Give it to your child

    Seriously, that’s usually all you need to do. It may take an infant or young toddler some time to figure out how to drink from the cup, but you can let them experiment and try different things (remember: no mess!). To help them along, you can try:

    • Holding it to their mouths for them 
    • Pressing down on the lid to allow some liquid to exit the cup 
    • Mimicking the action of drinking from the cup

    One common internet tip is to place a bit of liquid on the outside of the lid. When your child tries to drink the visible liquid, they’ll press down on the lid and activate the cup’s flow. With the for kids 360 cup’s transparent cup and lid design, toddlers can see the liquid inside the cup, which is helpful while they’re trying to learn. 

    an infant in a high chair drinks from a 360 cup against a decorated wall

    Little Sarah has it down! Credit: @these.arethedays

    For me—a mom of a toddler—I taught my daughter mostly by assisting her in bringing it to her mouth. By the time she was around 8 or 9 months old, she was drinking from a 360 cup independently. 

    are 360 cups recommended?

    Some pediatric experts have recently recommended skipping 360 cups/sippy cups altogether and introducing an open cup (or cup with a straw) right away. However, this can be messy (and also challenging for your child), so using an open cup straightaway may not always be practical for you. 

    The important thing to remember is that the goal is always to help your child reach their next big milestone: drinking from an open cup. 360 cups are simply meant to help with the transition. Whether or not you want that extra help is up to you! 

    I personally used the 360 cup in public, while we experimented with open cups at home. We also leaned heavily on the 360 cup when actively weaning off bottles. By the time she was two, my daughter could effectively drink from an open cup with minimal mess. 

    So, for us, the 360 cup was an excellent transition tool!

    your other 360 cup questions, answered  

    Have more questions? We have more answers!

    are 360 cups truly leakproof?

    Without a lock and seal mechanism, you might get some minimal leakage from a 360 cup if there’s pressure on the lid and the cup is upside down or tilted over (but no big spills). With a lock and seal in place, you have a truly leakproof toddler cup! 

    are 360 cups dishwasher safe?

    This answer may vary by brand, but the for kids 360 cup is dishwasher safe on the top rack. It’s also sterilizer-safe (max 212 degrees F for the cup, lid, and handles; max 356 degrees F for the silicone seal), and microwave-safe (base only). 

    can you put milk in a 360 cup?

    Yes! You can even safely warm milk in the base if you’d like. And because it’s easy to clean, you don’t have to worry about mold or spoilage. 

    how do you properly clean a 360 cup?

    The 360 cup breaks down into four parts:

    • The cup base
    • The handles
    • The lid
    • The silicone rim

    To clean, disassemble the cup by unscrewing the lid and removing the silicone rim. Then, push up the handles and unscrew them from the cup. Place all four parts on the top rack of your dishwasher. 

    Watch one of’s product designers disassemble the cup: 

    meet for kids

    I’ve mentioned the brand for kids a few times in this article—so allow me to introduce you! for kids originated in Australia, where they built a loyal base of mom-fans. Now, you can buy their lunch and hydration products in the U.S. They always have the extra thing parents are looking for—for example, the leakproof seal in the 360 cups. Shop their hydration line by clicking below.

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