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a mama on a mission

Ever had a child with super-sensitive skin? Flaky, itchy skin that would react easily. Everything from seasonal changes to particular soaps, highly fragranced skincare, laundry powder, even a woolen jumper – could be so … well, irritating!

And nothing seems to work to calm it down.

Anyone that’s been there will know that care for sensitive skin is tricky to navigate. There is little transparency in skincare, ranges are often not as natural as they appear, and then there’s understanding the ingredients (sure, fine – if you have a science degree!). Plus that fear that they may contain synthetic ingredients and irritants that actually make the skin condition worse, not better.

This was exactly the predicament founder Mon was in. Her daughter was constantly having issues with sore, irritated skin and she was constantly pulling her hair out trying to find a natural skincare solution – one that she could trust and that the ‘average mum’ could comprehend – erm … plain English, please!

from chats with friends

What else is a mama to do – but turn to her mama village! Over a cuppa, Mon quizzed her friend and fellow mama Antonette for some advice. With a background in cosmetic science and skincare and her own personal experience of children with sensitive skin and exzema, Antonette would easily be able to navigate the skincare minefield and provide some serious insight!

But a good friend always goes one step further. Antonette decided to customise two formulations: a soap-free body wash to offer relief, soothe irritation and protect from further damage; and a lotion packed with goodness, including clean, natural ingredients to hydrate and support healing.

And … they worked!

Co-Founders Dannielle Michaels and Monique Filer with body's Product Manger Antonette and talks about the bbox body range

an idea is born

That could have very well been the end of it (calm skin, happy daughter, happy mama, check!) but not for Mon, who yet again found herself talking to fellow founder and friend for life Dan

“if I’m struggling to find a natural, sensitive skincare solution for my daughter, then it must be the case for more families out there, right?’

They both agreed that there had to be a better way to support sensitive and stressed-out skin, to simplify skincare, to easily understand and access products that are clean, green, and just generally good for us!

So, an idea was born. How very!

Let’s collaborate. Let’s go beyond the boundaries of as we know it and work together to do what we do best: to create something innovative and new, to solve life’s little challenges in a unique way.

welcome new faces

We officially welcomed Antonette and her impressively long list of credentials (health science scholar, skincare and cosmetic ingredient researcher, organic skincare brand developer, certified aromatherapist, infant massage specialist, scent scientist!) to the team and went about our mission to redefine sensitive skin essentials for families.

research + refine, the way

And so, we donned our thinking caps, and researched and redefined the range we wanted to create. We figured out what families wanted and needed. From ethically-sourcing premium, raw, natural ingredients … to alleviating those problem ingredients that mess with the skin. To crafting gentle formulations that support sensitive skin, nourish all skin types, are a pleasure to use, and smell amazing. More research. More testing and feedback. Real opinions from real families with real skin sensitivities. Adjusting ingredients and formulations. Ensuring final formulations meet strict Australian standards for dermatological testing.

Until finally … we had a range that blends nature and science to deliver the best in green chemistry.

introducing: body

A complete bathing + skincare range for baby + family, that is trustworthy and delivers: to nurture delicate skin, to assist in the repair of sensitive or damaged skin, and nourish skin – everyday. That is gentle enough to be used with baby from birth, whilst nourishing for all skin types and ages. That is safe for our people and kind to our planet.

A range that we are proud to put the name behind and bring to mothers, fathers, caregivers, and their families in Australia and around the globe, and above all … to offer an indulgent daily skin care ritual for precious time with your precious family.