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Bumps and Bruises - Ouch

Bumps and Bruises - Ouch

Littlies fall over all the time.  They bump themselves, crash into things and bang themselves on all sorts of things, all the time.  Bumps and bruises are all part of being a littlie, and part of being a littlie’s mum, is to patch them up, make sure they’re ok and send them on their way.  Here’s how:

Well, the best thing to do is to help your littlie avoid bumps and bruises where possible.  Invest in some baby proofing for your home, keep your eye out for potential dangers (and use your imagination, as littlies can be quite creative) and consider relocating play areas way from stairs and sliding doors, just in case.

If your littlie does insist on falling over, give her the chance to right herself, to brush herself off, and to carry on with what she was doing.  This way she will learn resilience and self care, and it will help you to gauge when there really is something to worry about.

Most of the time, a cuddle and a big kiss is all your littlie will need to treat a bump or bruise.  Never underestimate the power of a big squeeze, but, if your littlie is very uncomfortable, she may benefit from some ibuprofen or paracetamol, a rest and you to keep an eye on her for a while.

Ice bumps wherever possible to keep swelling down, and if you can, try to apply an ice pack or bag or frozen peas for at least 15 minutes for 48 hours following a bump.  Boo boo buddies are a kid friendly ice pack that also serve to distract littlies from the issue at hand. 

Bumps on heads need special attention, and if you have any concerns at all, seek medical attention.  Use your intuition, and if you feel that something is not right, get it checked out straight away.  Look out for signs of concussion, like drowsiness, confusion, vomiting, a severe or prolonged headache, loss of consciousness and shallow breathing.

So, if you haven’t already got a truck load of band aids, a freezer full of ice blocks, and a jar full of ‘magic bump lollies,’ now would be a good time to stock up.  There will be bumps! 

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