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Ready to hibernate

Ready to hibernate

Winter is on it’s way. Summer is a distant memory, and the temperature is dropping, without a care for poor little fingers and toes. The birds are packing their bags, and the sky seems suddenly angry. Jack Frost will be here any minute, so get yourself organised for his visit, and it’ll be over before you know it.

No one likes leaving the house when it’s cold and wet outside, so start writing a list of things to do to keep the littlies enetartained at home, with the heating on. Stock up on craft items, dress-ups, baking staples, play dough, puzzles and board games, so they’re ready when the littlies cry “bored!”

Draft a list of fun indoor places to go, think about who you might go with, and book if necessary, to avoid disappointment. Have a look online and in your local newspapers for events and winter activities for littlies. See what’s going on at your local libraries, museums and shopping centres.

Plan meals ahead, to avoid schlepping your littlies out into the cold when they’re hungry. Think about other staples you might need, like nappies, formula, wipes etc and buy extras so you don’t have to make a mad dash in the cold and the rain.

Have a look in your littlie’s wardrobe and make sure he has enough warm clothes. Now is the time to replace the items he’s grown out of, and to check that he has plenty of warm socks and singlets, soft jumpers, a good coat and a cosy dressing gown. Check his footwear too, and make sure he has at least one pair of comfortable waterproof shoes or boots, and a warm pair of slippers.

Preparation is essential for winter warmth and for happy winter littlies. So channel your inner Mummy Bear, and get yourself and your baby bears ready to hibernate.

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