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fill + feed - lullaby blue

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refill and reuse: Prepare fresh baby food at home with the fill + freeze, then take it on the go with our reusable fill + feed. Our latest innovation in baby feeding lets parents easily fill the silicone food pouch from a wide opening for less mess. Then, twist open the hinged lid and baby is ready to eat. 

ergonomically shaped: Perfect for little hands to easily hold and squeeze, then intuitively suck and sip from the silicone spout tip. You can also pair it with a silicone spoon for those early days of parent-led feeding. Ideal for mushy fruit or veg purees, yogurt, custard, and more. 

on-the-go eating: The attached cap won’t get lost, rotates so it won't get in the way of baby feeding, and keeps the spout squeaky clean when out and about. Plus, it seals closed and won’t leak in baby bags or strollers.

fill + feed - lullaby blue