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toddler cutlery set - bubblegum

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making self feeding easy: Unique flork™ utensil and spoon puts kids in control. Patented fork shape lets kids pierce and pick up food easily and safely, with rounded edges to protect gums and a strong middle prong to pierce and pick up pasta, meat, veggies, fruit and more.

occupational therapist approved design: Designed with input from a pediatric OT, the cutlery is designed for the size and shape of little mouths and hands. Easy grip angled handles ensure optimum hand to mouth positioning and encourage independence. Deep spoon helps food stay on and also doubles as a shovel to help toddlers scoop and eat independently.

more hygienic on the go: Cutlery set comes complete with compact travel case to keep utensils clean on the go. And after mealtime, keeps mess contained.

*NEW* Toddler cutlery set - bubblegum - for kids